Guru Lola Evo

Many many thanks to Michela and Fabrizio !!

DOB : 08/04/2015
LOOF 2017.xxxxxx

From :

Sire : Califasia Iriomote

Dam : Guru Zonda

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Retired :


GIC Wildtemptation Génésie JW DVM

Great International Champion

Thanks to Doriano for trusting us

Junior Winner

DOB : 06/21/2011
LOOF 2012CE.353

From :

Sire : SC Kanpur Alea Jacta Est

Dam : GIC Brockenmoor Veni Vidi Vici

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FIV-FELV Negative (2013/06/12 - 2012/02/06)
HCM-PKD Negative (2012/06/29)

Genetic tests (performed by Langford UK on 09/28/2012) :
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef) : N/N
Colorpoint test : C/cs (--> carrier for Snow Lynx)
Dilute test : D/D
Blood type : A or AB (doesn't carry b allele)


Jeenko Du Bout De Bonheur

A warm thank you to Charlene & Anthony for their friendship and this beginning of collaboration

DOB : 04/30/2014
LOOF 2014.167976

From :

Sire : Rowan Alfheim

Dam : Medoz Doll of Dream

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HCM-PKD Negative (2015/05/21)

CH Deep Nature Hakuna Matata


DOB : 10/17/2012
LOOF 2013.1866

From :

Sire : GIC Wildtemptation Nec Plus Ultra JW

Dam : IC Wildtemptation Génésie JW

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